Video Animation & CGI

We love this stuff! We could talk to you about it all day. But we won’t. (Phew).

Suffice to say working with us you’ll be using some of the best animators and visual effects artists in the business. Our animation has also recently won us an international award.

Our visuals team have worked on CG projects large and small, including big-name Hollywood blockbusters… (Ask us and we’ll spill the beans).

Traditionally super expensive, like everything we do, we strive to ensure our animation and CGI services are affordable, and we’re at the cutting edge of introducing special effects into mainstream video content.


This means that you get stunning and engaging animation and CGI that will take your product to the next level.

We can do everything from fully animated explainer films, to photo real CG in live action footage (known as visual effects). We’re equally at home in front of a green screen or modelling a complex 3D object. Animation can be a great way to reach new clients, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

So get in touch today via e-mail or using the Contact Us panel to find out how we can bring your project to life.
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