Aerial & Drone Services

Aerial & Drone Services

If you’re looking for affordable, high quality & hassle-free drone and aerial filming and photography in Brighton, Sussex and across the UK, then get in touch to see how we could work with you.

Our team are fully CAA approved & insured drone operators with hundrers of hours of flying experience. This means total peace of mind alongside stunning aerial shots.

Our experience ranges from aerial filming for the South Downs National Park, to Brighton based car dealerships and Sussex based high tech firms.

We also carry out drone surveys and use drones to film live events.


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Why chose us?

  • We have affordable rates for aerial services and will always try to work with your budget, be it big or small. We pride ourselves on having open and fair pricing
  • Our primary drone pilot, James Johnson, is a former BBC & Channel 4 director, meaning he understands the shots you want and exactly how to get them. (He was also taught to fly big planes by the RAF, but that’s another story)
  • We use the newest Phantom 4 Pro drone which combines manoeuvrability with stunning 4K footage
  • Working with us is hassle free and gives you total peace of mind – you’re getting the highest quality aerial and drone services for the right price

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