Corporate videos and training videos

You’re looking for a company to produce video content for your business.

We make superb online videos. Want one?

Of course you do, but how do you know we’re the team for you?

Well, that’s a darn good question.

If you’re considering online video for your business, then our wealth of experience (30 years) in prime-time television, producing everything from narrative driven docs to entertainment shows, as well as our background in TV commercials, means we have the skills to create your perfect online film…

The standard of online video production continues to rise and we are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries. A claim backed up by our multiple international awards.

But there’s lots of companies out there…

All seeming to offer the same thing. Video isn’t your expertise, so how do you know who to work with and who to avoid? We’ll guess what? We think you should work with us… (Didn’t see that coming did you?)

Online Video Production

But, seriously, we’ve got a few aces up our sleeve which mean working with us will deliver the results you want.

  • You get peace of mind. The kind only a multi-award winning team with 30 years experience producing cutting edge prime-time television and TV Adverts can give you.
  • We won’t just make you a beautiful film, we will make you a beautiful film with a strong narrative that grabs your audience and doesn’t let go. And that’s what sets us apart. Our team’s background in documentaries means we’re experts in creating engaging narratives that bring your brand or product to life.
  • Affordability and transparency are two of our core values and we pride ourselves on delivering top quality corporate videos at reasonable rates.
  • We aren’t just a video production company, we’re also a creative agency, and we love nothing more than working with you from idea conception through to final delivery. Our scriptwriters and storyboard artists bring ideas to life, and our team work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the highest quality.

Still unsure about video for your website? Well here’s a few morsels to wet your appetite:

  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video than on one without.
  • Viewers retain 90% of a message when they watch it in a video compared with 10% when reading text.
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